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Huntersville NC Parks Worth Visiting

You might expect a town with a name like “Huntersville” to have a lot of wide open spaces and nature to enjoy. You wouldn’t be wrong. There are quite a few beautiful Huntersville NC parks that are worth visiting if you’re in the area and a fan of the outdoors. They have large parks meant for camping, fishing, and hiking. There are also smaller parks with things like playgrounds and baseball fields for family activities. Here are a couple worth visiting.outdoor park Huntersville nc

Bradford Park

At 213 acres, Bradford Park is the largest park in the city. It is also the newest park, having first opened in April of 2009. The large size of the park and the number of open areas make it ideal for large group or community events. It’s an ideal location for barbecues or family picnics. There are also plenty of recreational activities spread throughout the area.

One example is the impressive disc golf course with its full 18 holes. The tees on the course can range anywhere from 5.6k feet up to 6.8k feet for the longest holes. The course is so impressive that it was featured during the World Championship of disc golf during the 2012 season.

The Bradford Park is opened every day of the year. The park opens at 7 in the morning and it closes when the sun sets.

North Mecklenburg Park

This is another fairly large park sized at nearly 100 acres in total. It was turned over to the city in 1999 and has seen a substantial number of improvements since then. In 2002 and later in 2008, the park received an Outstanding Park Award. It features an ideal combination of open spaces, trails, and recreational activities.

North Mecklenburg Park has a number of great features. There are 2 illuminated soccer fields, 6 illuminated tennis courts, 4 illuminated basketball courts, and 4 illuminated baseball fields. There’s also a grilling area, 5 picnic tables, 2 playgrounds, 2 outdoor shelters, walking trails, and mountain biking trails. While it may not be as large as Bradford park, it makes efficient use of all of its available space. You can usually find a free court or field somewhere even when the park is packed full.

A Great Way To Spend The Day

You can’t go wrong choosing to spend your day at one of the many Huntersville NC parks. In addition to these two parks, there is also Richard Barry Memorial Park, Veterans Park, Greenway Park, Huntersville Athletic Park, Abernathy Park, and the Waymer Park. Each of them is worth a visit when you have the time.