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Mooresville NC’s Best Restaurants

Restaurants In Mooresville NC You Need To Visit

Mooresville, NC has a lot to offer visitors and residents, including a variety of high quality restaurants. Whether you love Mexican food, Asian food, or Southern food, they have something for you. There are grills, barbecue joints, restaurants perfect for lunch, and others for when you are in the mood for fine dining. Here’s a rundown of a handful of the best restaurants in Mooresville NC.

The Blu Star Grill

Located on Market Place Avenue, the Blu Star Grill brings you classic American food in a refined atmosphere and with affordable prices. They offer multiple vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for those with specific restrictions.

Some of their most preferred dishes include strawberry salad, blackened salmon, and meatloaf. The menu is diverse enough to include a large selection of incredible foods if you don’t prefer those. Additional recommendations include the okra, fried green tomatoes, or any one of their unique burgers.

Pomodoro’s Italian American

If you’re a fan of Italian food, then it doesn’t get any better than Pomodoro’s in Mooresville. They have become the go-to spot for Italian food whether lunch or dinner. Their menu is large and includes a number of unique items that you won’t find at run-of-the-mill eateries. And, of course, they include some of the American favorites like pizza, subs, and lasagna. Pomodoro’s has earned a reputation for providing large portions to their customers so make sure you’re hungry and ready to eat.pomodoros mooresville nc

Joe Fish Casual Seafood

If you spend any amount of time in Mooresville, NC, then you’re bound to hear quite a bit about Joe Fish Casual Seafood. It has earned the number one spot on numerous websites thanks to hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers. They have great service, great food, a relaxing atmosphere, and decent prices.

Their menu is fairly large and everything on it is worth giving a try. Customers tend to love the firecracker shrimp appetizer, the prime rib, the smoked oysters, and the lobster dinner, just to name a few. Joe Fish constantly offers new specials on their menu, which makes it easy to experiment with a new dish for a very low price.

Honorable Mentions

Joe Fish, Pomodoro’s, and the Blu Star Grill are all three great restaurants in Mooresville NC, but there are certainly plenty of others. Honorable mentions definitely worth visiting include Duckworth’s Grill, Caruso’s, and the Famous Toastery. Each has something special and unique to offer customers.