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Mooresville NC Schools

Public And Charter – Mooresville NC Schools Excel

As a parent, the schools available in a particular area are one of your primary concerns when moving. Many parents have turned down amazing homes at amazing prices because the local schools were simply sub-par. Luckily, that’s not the case when it comes to Mooresville NC schools. Some of the best schools in the state are nearby. Here are a few of the local schools that you might consider sending your children to.

Pine Lake Preparatory

Pine Lake Preparatory (PLP) is a charter school located in Mooresville, NC and is one of the highest rated schools in the state. It’s available for students ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. Students who complete the courses at PLP graduate ready for college and ready for life.

PLP excels above the average state schools in most areas. They have a graduation rate of 94 percent, which is 8 percent above the state average. Their SAT participation rate is 82 percent and their average SAT score is 1598. In comparison, the state average SAT participation is 64 percent and the state average SAT score is 1483.

Perhaps one of the greatest features of the school is that students make continual academic improvements from year-to-year. Where students at some schools might reach a point where they stop progressing or improving as much. At PLP, the students get better year-by-year.

Mooresville Senior HighMooresville High School NC

Not all great schools are charter schools. Mooresville Senior High(MSH) is an example of a public school that excels in every way possible. Students who graduate from MSH are considered ready for college or to start a career immediately.

As with PLP, the statistics for MSH are above the state average in most areas. The 4-year graduation rate is at 80 percent and the average SAT score is 1504. Both of these numbers are slightly lower than PLP, but still above the state average.

One area where MSH excels above Pine Lake is in student progression. This is a statistic that measures how students continue to improve from year to the next. MSH students were rated more than 20 percent higher than Pine Lake when it comes to student progression and improvement.

A Great Place For Parents

Mooresville NC is a great place for parents and for students. Whether you want to send your child to a charter school or a public school, you have options to choose from that are well above the state average. In either scenario, you know the student is getting the best education possible.