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Most Entertaining Destinations In Cornelius NC

Who wants to visit a boring town with nothing to do? Not many people. Luckily, there are plenty of entertaining spots in Cornelius, NC. Whether you prefer comedy, theater, music, or museums, there’s guaranteed to be something to keep you busy and keep a smile on your face. Here are some of the best sources of entertainment in Cornelius.

The Comedy Zone

A lot of the most entertaining venues are located near Lake Norman. It’s a popular destination and home to multiple stores, clubs, and art centers. One of the most entertaining places to visit near Lake Norman in Cornelius is the Comedy Zone. As you may have guessed, The Comedy Zone is a restaurant with a stage for stand up comedy acts.

Owning a comedy club is never easy because you have to provide great food and great entertainment at the same time. The Comedy Zone does both of these very well. The main stage and tables are located upstairs while downstairs is a restaurant called the Galloway Hooker. You can expect to see some celebrity comedians if you visit at the right time. Rob Schneider, Dustin Diamond, and others have been known to grace the stage.

Wine & Design

Wine & Design is a place where you can paint, learn, and sip on wine. Studios like these have been popping up across the country and this is definitely one of the best. You and everyone there will enjoy drinking wine while painting a masterpiece. It’s perfect for impromptu date nights. You can visit during a public night or book a private session for you and your friends. They are popular during celebrations, such as birthday parties, baby showers, and even corporate team building.

The Warehouse Performing Arts Center

Those of you who love performing arts will enjoy every minute you spend at the Warehouse. They are known for hosting several short acts back-to-back over the course of a night. It’s a small venue that creates a very intimate atmosphere before and during the show. All of the actors who take the stage are extremely talented. Those who write, design, and build the sets as well.

Shows, Laughs, And Wine

Cornelius has so much to offer visitors and residents. There are comedy shows all of the time, an amazing center for performing arts, and classes where you get to learn to paint while drinking wine. And that’s only three entertainment destinations in Cornelius, NC. There are many more to choose from as well. You’re guaranteed to never be bored.